40 Glocc And Zoo Life’s “Concrete Jungle” In Stores Now

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Concrete Jungle is jam packed with music that shows 40 Glocc and Zoo Life are doing their part to hold up the legacy of West Coast Gangsta Rap. It features songs with Zoo Life’s Sun, Village Boo, Lil Boo, Tip Toe, Ken Bib, Locie Loc and Yacc as well as 40’s female counterpart, Gail Gotti. Guest appearances include Raskass, Prodigy.

Concrete Jungle is available in stores and online now!

1. Intro
2. Criminal (40 Glocc, Lil Boo, Tek)
3. Spin The Globe (40 Glocc)
4. Welcome To The Ghetto (40 Glocc, Tri Star, Village Boo)
5. Another Angel Dies (40 Glocc, Raskass)
6. Walk In My Shoes (40 Glocc, Yacc, Tip Toe)
7. Haters & ? (Zoo Babiez, Lil Boo, Locie Loc)
8. Hell On Earth (40 Glocc, Lil Toot)
9. Grindin (40 Glocc, Tip Toe, Notes)
10.100 (40 Glocc, Tip Toe, E-Note, Michlobe)
11. Bouncing In The Bed (40 Glocc, Village Boo, Ken Bib, Locie Loc)
12. Skit (40 Glocc, Raskass, Csik)
13. Narcotics (40 Glocc, Gail Gotti)
14. Local Boy (40 Glocc, Sun)
15. Skit (Unforgivable)
16. 3 Amigos (40 Glocc)
17. Couple Geez (40 Glocc, Lil Boo, Brook)
18. Smoke Drank (40 Glocc, Zoo Babiez)
19. Hundred Grand (40 Glocc, Yacc)
20. Safari (40 Glocc, Village Boo)
21. Concrete Jungle (40 Glocc, Tip Toe, Village Boo)
22. Shot The ? Up (40 Glocc, Prodigy, Locie Loc, Yacc, Ken Bib, Natural Born,
Village Boo)

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