Promoter wants to start all-white basketball league

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Promoter wants to start all-white basketball league - Out of Bounds - NBC Sports

I made a couple of calls to make sure this isn't some sort of prank, and sadly, it's indeed legit. A former pro wrestling promoter is starting an all-Caucasian pro basketball league which hopes to start in June in 12 cities, among them Augusta, Ga. The All-American Basketball Alliance announced its plans in a news release Sunday evening, hours before Martin Luther King Day. Excerpt: "Only players that are natural born United States citizens with both parents of Caucasian race are eligible to play in the league."
OK global warming, we're pretty much done here. We thought we were making progress, but you can go ahead and cook us up. Just try and spare the dolphins; they're smart.

Meet Don "Moose" Lewis, the commissioner of the AABA who incredibly, somehow did not acquire the nickname "Bubba" or "Skeeter." He told the Augusta Chronicle that the reasoning behind the league's roster restrictions is not racism.
"There's nothing hatred about what we're doing," Lewis said. "I don't hate anyone of color. But people of white, American-born citizens are in the minority now. Here's a league for white players to play fundamental basketball, which they like."
Lewis said he wants to emphasize fundamental basketball instead of "street-ball" played by "people of color." He pointed out recent incidents in the NBA, including Gilbert Arenas' indefinite suspension after bringing guns into the Washington Wizards locker room, as examples of fans' dissatisfaction with the way current professional sports are run.
"Would you want to go to the game and worry about a player flipping you off or attacking you in the stands or grabbing their crotch?" he said. "That's the culture today, and in a free country we should have the right to move ourselves in a better direction."
I called the Augusta Chronicle to make sure this was real, and indeed, a nice fellow in the sports department confirmed it. He also assured me that the league will probably never get off the ground.
But believe it or not, the Chronicle got a few emails supporting the league. It's my understanding that those emailers may have had relatives who were shot with arrows by Burt Reynolds during a canoe trip, and are still a little angry. But I could be wrong.
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