Who would make your hiphop Mount Rushmore?

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inspired by @truth writer

what four MCs/DJs/Hypemen/producers/etc would you put in your HipHop Mount Rushmore, and if you can be bothered explain why....

i think i would put:

Nas - due to his consistency and ability to stay relevant in the mainstream, without selling out (something i personaly respect to the highest degree)

KRSONE - dudes the teacher man

Kool Herc - kinda goes without saying.....i think it is the general consensus that he is one of the original creators of HipHop

Dilla - im sure outta my four this would be one that most disagree with, but everyones list is their opinion, and in terms of hiphop Dilla has had an epic influence on me, and in my eyes on HipHop....plus i wanted to throw a producer in their to..