"The Official Recommend an Album to Someone Else Thread"

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I made a suggestion that folk should challenge dudes they got beef with on here to listen to a full album of a artist they don't ? with and vice verse and give they opinion whether they like it or not song by song. So Jamaica challenged me to listen to Papoose "Nacirema Dream" and...

The ? in italics are skits, they don't count, the bolded is the ? I liked, and the ones crossed out are the songs I ain't like.


Motion Picture
Mother Ghetto
Aim Shoot
Cure Skit
Nacirema Dream
Pimpin Won’t Die

Law Library Skit
Law Library Pt. 8
Whats My Name
Top of My Game

Turn It Up
Die Like a G
Get At Me
Where I Come From
Alphabetical Slaughter Pt. II / Z to A

6 out of 17 songs I ? with.

Who next to call somebody out?