Earl Sweatshirt Says Drake Is "Grandma Nice."

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Odd Future rapper Earl Sweatshirt doesn't appear to be very fond of Drake, or Canadians in general for that matter.

He recently sat down with the New York Times for an interview when the subject of his recent visit to Canada was brought up.

You were just in Toronto. How was that?
It was crazy. Canadians are weirdos, though. They are so nice — overbearing nice, like grandmother nice. Toronto is like a city of grandmas.

The rapper Drake is from Toronto. Is he grandma nice?
Dude, Drake is grandma nice. He was at Frank Ocean’s show in L.A. and got into an argument with Tyler, the Creator’s mom. I left and came back in the room, and she was apologizing to him for how she came at him, and he was saying: “It’s all love. I love you, Mom. I love moms.” Drake loves moms.

It's doubtful Drake will respond to Earl in print, but he may find a way to hit him with a subliminal via a song in the future.