Anyone else tired of the cliche...

No_Way_Jose Members Posts: 71, power, respect?

especially when its recycled by people who either have none at all or have failed to demonstrate the influence it allegedly buys.


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    Yeah, I heard that a billion times. Most people I know started saying it around The Scarface movie days. Wasn't born when that movie came out, but when people my age looked at it they started saying that and money, power then women.Pretty tired of cliche's and quotes altogether. It's one thing for a cliche to make sense, but some dummies think a cliche is applicable to every circumstance in life and just end up sounding stupid. Confucius wannabees. Read a situation and not a line.
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    I always say to people that tell me how much money they have and what assets they've acquired over time, that is doesn't excuse being an ? to people.

    I'll give anyone respect and whole lot of it, but only IF it's reciprocated.

    People got it twisted thinking Money equates others having to just bow down and worship them.