Video: Zimmerman's racist friend & Dunn defender Frank Taafe gets caught being really racist...

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HLN regular, Frank Taaffe, is saying a bunch of ridiculous and outrageously racist things on twitter and, unsurprisingly, claims his account was hacked. Unfortunately, he said similar things on his podcast. Oops. He also disgustingly said a black life was validated when a white person killed them and disgustingly called Oprah the n-word.


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    SMH , this ? guy. i bet not never read another word about al sharpton or jesse jackson written by a white person ever...

    he didn't call Oprah a n-word, he called her a ? ... about 5 times in a 3 second period.... it rolled off his tongue just as easily as if he was saying the word "the." The only thing worst than a racist is a closet racist that won't stand on what they say.