Scarface Announces new album "Deeply Rooted "

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Scarface has announced his upcoming album, Deeply Rooted, the Geto Boys artist's first full-length album release since 2008's Emeritus.

Deeply Rooted is also slated to be the title of his upcoming book with MySpace Director of Content Benjamin Meadows-Ingram.

"It talks about my life," Scarface says of the projects in a video teaser about the album and book, which is below. "The good times. The bad times."

Meadows-Ingram, who also appears in the clip, speaks highly of his working with 'Face.

"He's a legend," Medows-Ingram says in the video. "It's an honor and a privilege to work on this project. It just means a lot."

In January, Scarface spoke about the state of Rap music.

“The Rap ? [is] sounding stupider and stupider, and Country music is sounding more brilliant,” Scarface said at the time. “Rock music is sounding more brilliant and Alternative music is sounding way more brilliant. ? sound good as ? . Everybody [in Hip Hop] wants to turn up now, even in R&B. Who stole the soul? The soul is gone. Twenty-five years ago it was called soul. Thirty years ago it was called soul. Then they turned it into rhythm and blues, R&B. What is it now? Is R&B gone, too?”