Stephen Jackson(aka Stak5) Drops Donald Sterling Diss Track ‘America Da Beautiful’...

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S-Jax spent his final season in the NBA getting paychecks from Donald Sterling, which is fitting, because there might not be a better dude in the league to rip on the the Clippers owner. Seeing as he’s out of basketball, Jackson now has free reign to he expresses his feelings about his former boss’s secretly recorded racist rant.

“Dear Mr. Sterling, here’s a speech for you
I had a dream that the ? had a sheet for you”
Couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Seriously — that’s a dope line for a track made in the last five days.

“Salute to commissioner Silver,” he says during the outro. “He did the right thing.”

A new low for the Clippers, a new high for Adam Silver’s street cred.