Ohio dad can't have more kids until he pays off child support, court says...

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You Cannot make this ? up and it is scary where they are going with this how will they enforce such an order and is it actually legal so many question beyond the immorality argument. If a women was told this we would have groups up in arms right now protesting...

Judge says the order would be lifted if Aism Taylor pays nearly $100,000 in overdue support for his four children.
ELYRIA, Ohio – An Ohio appeals court has upheld a judge's order that a deadbeat father can't have more kids until he pays his back child support.

The decision this week by the 9th District Court of Appeals didn't provide an opinion about whether the judge's order was appropriate. Instead the appeals court said it didn't have enough information to decide the merits of the case without a copy of the pre-sentence report detailing Asim Taylor's background.

In January 2013, Lorain County Probate Judge James Walther said Taylor couldn't have more children while he is on probation for five years. The judge said the order would be lifted if Taylor pays nearly $100,000 in overdue support for his four children.

The (Elyria) Chronicle-Telegram reports that Taylor's attorney is arguing that the order violates his right to reproduce.


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    But Octomom is free to keep polluting the gene pool
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    I don't even see how a mandate that is legal, but it should be.
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    How would they even enforce this law?

    In either case, I sympathize with the court because there are enough children out here with deadbeat fathers, I think the court order is more an expression of the court that he shouldn't have anymore babies until he learns how to take care of the 4 he already has. My main issue with this though is that a woman likely wouldn't have to suffer with this order, there are plenty of women out here popping out kids that can't afford them either.