Negative Pressure Rooms a cure for High Blood Pressure?

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This is interesting. Just came across the definition of what sound is..
Sound is a physical entity, unlike noise which is the perception of sound. Sound is an high pressure wave front through a medium (such as air, or a liquid such as water, or a solid), wherein the wave front is followed by a reciprocal pressure differential behind it. Sound is produced when something disturbs the medium and sets in motion the molecules in the medium.

So if sound is a high pressure wave produced by air it would be reasonable at least IMO to assume that if a person that suffers from High Blood pressure could live in a space where the pressure is low that inturn would cause his or her pressure to be lowered.

Hospitals have equipment in rooms that allows for the control of air pressure from positive to negative. negative air pressure results from air being pumped out of a room and positive air pressure results from air pumped into the room. But the equipment/machines that pump the air in and out are very expensive starting at around $3000