Hip Hop Sins Volume 1: 50 Cent

soul rattler
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This is a new thread series where we will list all the sins that a popular individual in Hip Hop has committed. These are just jokes, no need to get overly critical. Let's keep the feels at a minimum.

First off is 50 Cent. I'll list a few and y'all can add on.

1. Name dropping ? on Ghetto Qur'an.
2. Sending a group full of people to beat up a coke head named Gunplay.
3. That first pitch at the NY Mets game.
4. Candy Shop
5. Signing Olivia
6. Signing Kidd Kidd
7. Not having the best diss track in the "beef" with Rick Ross. (Banks' Officer Down was the highlight)
8. Giving Eminem a pass to say the word '? '
9. Breaking up Dipset
10. G Unit wife beaters

What did I miss?