What's Your Opinion On "Yeezus" One Year Later

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Yeezus was released one year ago today, now that youve had time to assess the album what's your opinion on it? Still the same as when you first heard? It grew on you?


01. On Sight
02. Black Skinhead
03. I Am A ? (Featuring ? )
04. New Slaves (Featuring Frank Ocean)
05. Hold My Liquor (Featuring Chief Keef & Justin Vernon)
06. I’m In It
07. Blood On The Leaves
08. Guilt Trip (Featuring Kid Cudi)
09. Send It Up (Featuring King L)
10. Bound 2 (Featuring Charlie Wilson)


On a mic scale, I give it 3.5 mics. Not a big fan of the first 3 tracks, but after that the album is dope imo.


What's Your Opinion On "Yeezus" One Year Later 114 votes

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Above Average
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It Grew On Me, Its Aight
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? Still Garbage
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