IC Rumors & Secrets Thread: Part II

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livestock~06-01-05-pumpkin.gifpumpkin3.gifIt's that time again, nh!pumpkin3.giflivestock~06-01-05-pumpkin.gif

Here's the first thread for those who missed it (very funny read): http://community.allhiphop.com/discussion/515129/ic-rumors-secrets-ask-fm-edition/p1

Same rules as last time:


^^^Click, post a question/rumor/comment pertaining to the IC anonymously and watch for it to be posted in this thread so it can receive responses.

-Anyone can ask/comment on stuff pertaining to the IC. It's anonymous.
-Only genuine questions/comments will be posted in this thread, i.e. submitting a troll comment will not be given any attention nor posted.
-The question feed on the AskFm link will be updated regularly so that new submissions show up (the old ones are still there for your perusal).

Let the nasty, gasp-worthy, pearl-clutching fuckery ensue. Get it off yo chest.


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