The Real Truth about Ebola

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Based on what is actually happening, has happened and on real science:

It is a must read.

It is kind of long. Here are the highlights:

-- You should be afraid, very afraid. The virus has the potential to do great damage to humanity, especially to the seriously affected areas of West Africa.
-- White people are not immune to the virus and some have died or nearly died from it.
-- The virus is mutating and is not a single entity. There is evidence that it is getting more contagious.
-- The best hope right now in terms of treatment is a drug called ZMapp:
-- A lot goes into creating enough ZMapp to treat even one patient, and not nearly enough is being done to develop this promising drug, and what is being done is proceeding much too slowly:
-- There is no evidence that it is airborne, but even if it isn't, there are other ways it could become more contagious.