Vince Staples Defends Iggy Azalea And Calls Lord Jamar A Troll

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"Nobody got mad when Eminem did it," Vince Staples says.

"I do not care," Staples said in a clip that debuted as a part of today's DX Daily. "White people invented basketball. I don't care. Why would I care? She getting paid. We speak English, we go to Christian churches. It's the same thing. Yeah it's fu*ked up but you just now getting a whiff of that? That's what it is. Nobody got mad when Eminem did it. Why you mad at her 'cause she a girl and Eminem would probably slap you? It's more than that. Azealia Banks got a point with the stuff she saying. Everybody got a point. But at the end of the day we all just got jobs. That's the way I look at it because a lot of things are culture, you never know where none of this sh*t come from, man. Of course Hip Hop is something that's very important to Black people but it's a lot of other things that are important to us that we tend to neglect like family structure. It is what it is. It happens.

"Everybody entitled to their opinion," he added. "I stay out of all that. I don't wanna argue with nobody. I wanna be able to pay my rent and I need a carwash right now so I'm 'bout to go do that. I'm just happy I'm able to do the little stuff. I don't care, all that bigger picture—ain't nobody give a fu*k when my homies got shot in their face. So if you talk about, 'What you care about?' That's what I care about. When the police start paying for some funerals and something like that instead of softball games then I'll probably have something to say about that issue. It just don't relate to me. I come from a different place. We got white people [who] ? . We got white boys from the hood. Are they appropriating Black culture? Yeah, but them is my ? because they care just as much as me. Who are you to say what somebody actually love? You can't say what touched anybody any kind of way. I don't think that's up to me personally. That's not up to me. She might love Hip Hop to her core. That might be what she always wanted to do when she was younger because she seen it on the TV but that's the reason everybody wanted to do it. We just happen to look like them."


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    there should be a mandate for hip hop that only artists who make decent music can have an opinion on hiphop
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    Who tf is Vince Staples?

    Im thinkin the same thing... That statement gets ? -ier the further u read tho... I started out upset, and by the end i just shook my ? head
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    What happens when you got fame hungry house ? speaking on social issues that run deep. What he's saying is "who cares, just get money". Hes obviously unaware of his history and ignorant to the overall impact of systematic racism. C

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    Stopped reading after this clown brought up us speaking English and practicing Christianity while trying to defend white people .

    Not only does he sound like a boot licking uncle Tom he's also an idiot with no sense history.
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    enbo wrote: »
    there should be a mandate for hip hop that only artists who make decent music can have an opinion on hiphop
    Who tf is Vince Staples?
    Im thinkin the same thing... That statement gets ? -ier the further u read tho... I started out upset, and by the end i just shook my ? head

    Dude is nice.He was the on Common's album on that song they did on BET with Jay Electronica.

    Vince Staples got bars for real.

    I may not agree w/ everything he said,but at least he acknowledged the fact appropriation happens.

    Everybody's not gonna have the same opinion.

    From his perspective,he's a new guy getting his name out there and maybe he doesn't want to get involved w/ that ? because he trying to get his money.And also when you getting money,your tolerance level gets much higher.Things don't bother you as much.
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    Some of these new ? can rap they ass off, and talk real ? on wax, but off the record?
    No heart.

    Don't care how much work he did on Common's ? . He's sounding ignorant, corny and complacent here.
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    young dumb ? ?
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    Smh at comparing Iggy and Eminem...

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    Common is going. To have. To talk to this ? asap
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    Uncle Tom thread #1284573829
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    If think that she gets the awards and the exposure because we ARE DISPLAYING TOO MUCH OUR opinions and ranting too about that super wack rapper .

    I suspect aome white racist endorsing her just to ? off black america.
    In a nutshell we are making her dollar filled bed.

    Why not just IGNORING HER?

    I ve tested her album a second time. I was laughing at every song!!! She is sooooo wack my ? !!!

    She has all thes nominations and accolades for having sold 485 000 albums !!! Havent yall see the self ether yet ?

    She has won the ARIA MUSIC award for favprite album in front of NWTS and MMLP2 !!! Another self ether for these academies imo

    At this rate we the black people will make her second album PLATINUM IN A WEEK!!!

    They dont like her. They like to ? you off... and it works
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    See this is why having rappers speak on social issues and the like isn't necessarily the greatest idea, you see what ? they really are behind the music
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    Smh dammit vince
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    It's about time for to air a lot of these hoe ass rap ? out
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    He said nothing wrong

    I'm convinced the majority of u ? are really this lame offline
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    Let me get this straight: between the lines of his stupidity, he's comparing watching live mutilations in the name of White Jesus to get Africans to convert to Christianity and speak English to an Australian ? willfully appropriating and stereotyping her goofy ass through hip hop?

    How is that remotely not wrong?

    That's me skimming the ? and finding that fuckery. The two situations aren't even comparable. It's downright fallacy. Find me one historical record of a ship full of Africans rolling up on English shores, abducting millions of people, converting their language and religious beliefs until they associate their own people's religious practices with "tha Devil, child," and have them be so utterly mindfucked and warped into two camps of thinking "reality" vs. "Black folks tell us it's fair, so it must be despite the overwhelming empirical evidence that says that is a lie," and have the effects ripple for ? generations. Find a music these people create out of the slums. THEN find me a Black chick mocking those white folks to the support and cosign of other Black people.

    This is where I do agree with rappers who say they are not leaders or activists: you need some semblance of education--if not just a simple ? Rhetoric or Philosophy class--to even begin to comprehend how ? stupid it is to open your mouth in defense of her Minstrel Show.
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    I think this is that trash ass ? that me and my girl said ruined the first song on Jhene Aiko's lil ep album. I think its called the Vapors...? came through dropped the weak ass verse and nearly ruined a perfectly fine song. At this point, ? what ever this ? has to say about Hip Hop lol!
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    Staples Center but u ain't where the lakers is at ass ? .
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    I'm boycotting iggy threads starting.... now.
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    R.I.P. African Americans

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    Nobody cared when Eminem did it because he was talented.