Kendrick Lamar Praise Led To Beef With Meek Mill, Neef Buck Says

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Neef Buck recalls beef with Meek Mill, says he was embarrassed by his involvement in the feud.

During an interview with Vlad TV, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania rapper Neef Buck revealed the reason for his beef with fellow Philly lyricist Meek Mill. According to Neef, his feud with Meek stemmed from praise he offered to Kendrick Lamar via Instagram.

Neef didn’t reveal the exact reason why Meek was upset with his comments about Kendrick, but did state that he dubbed K-Dot’s good kid, m.A.A.d city project, “the best album out right now.”

The rapper spoke on the cause of his beef with the Maybach Music Group wordsmith when he was asked if Meek’s record with Young Chris (friend to Neef Buck and fellow Young Gunz member) is what spawned the rift between the two.

“All your homies’ homies not gonna be your homies,” Neef Buck said. “And everything that he’s into or the path, that don’t mean you gonna follow just cause that’s your friend. They did that record before that situation. I got in a situation with Meek Mill because I said—This before a lot of people caught on to Kendrick Lamar. But I said on Instagram that Kendrick Lamar had the best album out. This is like as soon as it came out. People didn’t soak it yet. They didn’t soak into it yet. But months and months later, he won everything that year. And he was the biggest to come out of the West Coast [since] Snoop. That’s why I got in that situation. Because I said that on Instagram that Kendrick Lamar has the best album out right now.”

Neef later revealed that he now finds his beef with Meek embarrassing and added that the two artists are now cordial with one another.

“It was some stuff. Some stuff was said,” he said. “I said some stuff back. Like I tell everybody, I’m a little embarrassed about me being involved in that situation because it was like…childish. We both from Philly. Neither one of us hard to get to. We got a lot of mutual friends. It just was a bad situation or whatever. But we’ve seen each other a thousand times since then. He’s doing his thing. I salute him with whatever he’s doing. He buzzing in the city right now. He holding the torch for Philly right now. So, I can’t be mad at that. I gotta support that.

Anyway... I just made this thread because I always knew Meek was a jealous little ? . Back to yall's regularly scheduled lives lol