Big Boy Reportedly Trying To Leave Power 106, Emmis Fights Back

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Big Boy is attempting to leave Emmis (Power 106.1) for iHeartMedia, but not without a struggle from Emmis.

Emmis isn't having the best year. The company which owns both Hot 97 in the New York and its sister station in L.A., Power 106.1, has already lost one of the biggest names in the (hip-hop) radio business, Angie Martinez, as well as Mister Cee, and more recently, Cipha Sounds left.

Both Angie and Mister Cee went to rival/new radio stations, while Cipha Sounds' future is unclear at the moment (although it seems like he'll be connecting with Roc Nation). Now it looks like Emmis may be losing yet another big name-- Big Boy of Big Boy's Neighborhood over at Power 106. Today reports circulate that Big Boy's contract with Power 106 ended this month, and the on-air personality is looking to jump ship with competitor iHeartMedia.

In new legal documents, Emmis states that iHeartMedia was offering Big Boy $3.5 million plus other royalties and perks, including the use of a private jet. Big Boy made $1.45 million annually with Power, however, in his contract with them, they are allowed to match any offer from competitor-- which they did-- but Big Boy said he was still leaving.

Emmis is asking a judge to prohibit Big Boy from leaving, and they're also seeking $5 million. So far, no word from Big Boy.