Punch Daddy at it again

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Hip Hop mogul Puff Daddy has been accused of punching a man at a Super Bowl after party in Scottsdale, Arizona early Sunday morning, TMZ reports.

“The accuser, Steven Donaldson claims Diddy was slated to host a nightclub party Saturday evening, but didn't show until 1:15 in the morning -- and then, only hung out in VIP ... rarely getting onstage,” TMZ reports. “Donaldson says he was ? because he paid $100 to see Diddy -- so he decided to get in his face and cuss him out.”

A video surfaced, allegedly depicting Donaldson acting hostile toward Diddy.

“Hey, ? you for not performing tonight,” Donaldson says in the video. “ You are a ? ? . Yo P Didz, you’re a ? ? . Get the ? on the stage and perform.”

Diddy was scheduled to perform at the club, but showed up late and stayed in the VIP section. Donaldson was tackled by security and kicked out of the party.

Donaldson has since filed a report and the police in Arizona are looking to have a sit down with Combs.

Sean Combs was accused of punching Drake in late 2014.