Cheap Seats Sports Betting Thread

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I'm making this thread because I didn't see one elsewhere on betting. Mods delete if this is a duplicate.

But anyways, how many of yall bet on games?

Me personally I bet on It's not much more than a hobby. I make bets anywhere from $10-$100 at a time, nothing crazy. Mostly single bets, some parlays, some teasers...

I wanted to create a thread where bettors can come together, discuss their favorite bets of the night, what might be a hot pick etc....

Share the wealth fellas

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  • coop9889
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    Tonight I got a teaser going with GS +1/2, MEM +3, SA-3, Mia-Min over 179.

    $50 to win $41.65. Looking good so far
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    There have been other threads but none worth bumping. Most just end up dying out.
  • coop9889
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    Oh ok. Thats disappointing! Yall should get into this more, especially those that view themselves as knowledgeable on sports and have spare change lying around. Imo it makes games even more fun to watch and it's a fun hobby as long as you have discipline.

    A lot of my friends in real life that I talk sports with never even considered betting on sports. I got them started in it. One of my boys, he only invested $100 at first, he has over $6000 in his account right now it's ridiculous. That's in a matter of 4 months.
  • Mister B.
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    We had the Draft Kings/FanDuel thing going on here, but it bottomed out.
  • coop9889
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    Just like that a ? hit $40. Shoulda bet more. ? need to get on this. I'll give my picks for tomorrow before the games start.
  • coop9889
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    Throwing a 10 point teaser out there.

    Was-Cha over 177, Dal-Sac over 199, LAC +15, PHO + 14 1/2.

    Another 50 to win 41.67.