Top 5 No Limit Albums

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What y'all got?


1. TRU - TRU 2 Da Game

This was actually the easiest selection for me. No Limit had more recognized albums than this but this is the one that really blew them up. It was the first No Limit album with an entirely southern based feel, and cemented Beats By The Pound as their in house producers. This also introduced C-Murder to the world (he was locked up in '96 and only appeared on one song the previous year). Classic.

Favorite Song: Torcher Chamber


2. Mac - World War III

I know this one is more of a surprise, but I thought Mac took a HUGE step forward on his second album and had a perfect blend of street music and introspective tracks. He was only 22 when he made this album and you could see he was progressing into a complete artist. Unfortunately he got locked up 5 months after it's release (side note: I'm actually supposed to visit big bro next month).

Favorite Song: Can U Love Me? (Eyes Of A Killer)


3. Soulja Slim - The Streets Made Me

Slim was easily the most gutter with it. A lot of people favor Give It 2 Em Raw, but Slim got a chance to shine more on his own on this one and had a lot on his mind after a 3 year stint at Angola. This album came after No Limit's public decline so it was heavily slept on but to me it's easily Slim's best album.

Favorite Song: My Jacket


4. Mystikal - Ghetto Fabulous

Mannn, I remember downloading this album off Napster when I was 10. So many cold joints on this album. It's crazy to think Mystikal only dropped two projects with the Tank and I know must people prefer Unpredictable but I had to pick this one just based on the memories associated with it.

Favorite Song: What's Your Alias?


5. C-Murder - Trapped In Crime

Yes, I know I left off Ghetto Dope, I'm Bout It and Ice Cream Man off my list but it is what it is. Cee was the first artist on the Tank I remember really listening to and this had the hardest southern anthem of all time, Down 4 My ? , on it. The whole album was loaded with crucial appearances from Mac, Snoop, Mystikal and Mia. He even had Fat Joe on "Want Beef".

Favorite Song: Staring At Walls

Honorable Mentions: