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This ? really talkin bout knockin this ? out LOL

Daylyt to Iggy Azalea: If I See You Ima Knock Your B***h A** Out

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John S | 7 Hr(s), 5 Min(s) Ago

No stranger to controversy, Daylyt recently addressed Iggy Azalea and her NBA baller boyfriend Nick Young in an angry rant posted to Rap Grid.

The battle rapper brought up Iggy referring to herself as a "runaway slave master" in her song "D.R.U.G.S.," and then proceeded to really lay into her.

"Yo Iggy, look at me. On all my dead homies if I see you Ima break your f**kin' chin cuz, on grape," Daylyt warned. "All that 'I wanna f**k T.I.' (something he told VladTV) all that out the window right now...On all my dead homies, if I get five feet close to you I'm gonna knock your b**ch ass out."

Daylyt then addressed Nick Young, telling him, "Yo b**ch out of pocket dawg...I have zero tolerance for racism."

Check out the rant up top.