Rappers that died before their prime

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ok I'm not putting pac in this because I think he was in his prime when he died, also had tons of years and albums of material.

So my list goes like this...

Yaki Kadafi ( outlawz , pack boy )

Eazy E ( could had more gems)

B.I.G. ( only two/three albums from Frank White ?? He would a grown and probably destroy most these days

Soulja Slim ( pac of the South just got his flow down pat and mastered it all when he was murdered)

Big Pun

( Can't tell me he didn't have more then two classics in him)

Twelve O clock
most y'all won't know him unless you from the south but twelve O Clock "slims cousin" He was dope as ? ..

Obviously big L and proof...

Your choices

R.i.p.to all our fallen comrades who spit what we love listening to.