Tyler, The Creator To Launch Online Television Network

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Tyler, The Creator hoping to cut out cable as the middleman with new online network.

During an appearance at the Code/Media conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, Tyler, The Creator shared the details of his upcoming online television network. Joined by Lloyd Braun of Whalerock Industries, the Santa Monica, California-based company that will help launch the network, the Odd Future lyricist spoke on being able to cut out the middleman with this latest endeavor.

According to Tyler, the network will be similar to that of MTV and Cartoon Network and is basically his brain “in one place.”

“We’re just cutting out the middleman,” Tyler, The Creator said. “Technically, I’m creating my own network. I’m creating my own MTV, my own Cartoon Network on this thing. It’s just basically my brain in one place…My generation is the internet. That’s all we know. This thing controls our life. So, when you guys sit and try and figure out, and got these graphs and try to study stuff. You guys are studying us, so you can keep a job. You know what I’m saying? And it’s the truth. Let’s just cut the middleman out, which would be the cable company. And just get straight to the point.”

Later in the panel discussion, Tyler was asked if he would be able to start such a business endeavor without a support system. He replied with "yeah" and then revealed that his music career started without any support system.

“Yeah, of course,” he said. “The way that I got famous was me going on Tumblr and creating my own website. And just putting things out like that with a strategic—It had a strategy to it. But putting out music for free. And that’s how it got known. And the next thing I know Sony’s like ‘Hey, we’ll give you a bunch of money to do x and o and we just eat a little bit.’ And I’ve used them to my advantage in the same way that I’ve used other things to my advantage.”