Michael Wilbon's story about meeting Jay-Z and Beyonce

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“The highlight for me is when you’re standing there watching the concert, like you would when you’re 25 years old in a mosh pit, you’re standing and watching the concert even though some of the most famous people in the world are in the room, like Michael Jordan,” Wilbon said. “Well, a gentleman who’s recognizable walks toward me — there’s a space where I’m standing, a small one — and he walks toward me and he’s got his hand out, and it’s Jay Z. I’m not name-dropping. I know Jay Z a little bit to say hello. He’s invited me to a couple of things in my life. He says ‘Hello, how are you doing?’ It’s loud now because Prince is starting to play, and we didn’t have time to talk about the NBA, which we would do. We’re standing there, and I’m freaked out now because I’m watching Prince with Jay Z. That’s enough right there.”

Kornheiser encouraged Wilbon to continue his story.

“It did get better, because then a delayed response to join Jay Z, two inches in front of me — and by two inches, I mean two inches — is Beyoncé,” Wilbon said. “And so, now, this is it. This is it. That’s it. Call off the dogs, this is the best anybody’s gonna have it this weekend. I’m watching Prince with Beyoncé and Jay Z, except for it gets better.”

Wilbon explained that he had met Beyoncé once before. He then described what happened after Prince started playing Play That Funky Music White Boy.

“Beyoncé Knowles decides to just do Beyoncé Knowles,” he said. “To just be Beyoncé. Like, the Beyoncé you see performing, doing the Beyoncé? She did that, right there, two inches away, for like an hour. … I smiled. She’s being Beyoncé. The hair of course, is hitting my face — the golden hair. I get a text from a friend who is about 75 yards behind me, but who could see this — and there’s no flash, there’s no pictures, this is a private party, and I shouldn’t even be telling the story. It’s a private party, so there’s no paparazzi, there’s none of that stuff. … The text said, “You should never wash your face again.”