Throwback joint: Rick Ross x Pusha T B.L.O.W.

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Off Ross Rise To Power....album/project.

I don't know the story behind that thing but it did produce this which I do like.


  • Lab Baby
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    I think it's one of those albums that Def Jam and Rick Ross's people didn't have the rights to, so whoever did released it independently. I remember this coming out almost right after POM. He calls himself Teflon Don on this one, so this is like prolly 00-01 ? .
  • jono
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    He even rhyming different on that joint too. I hate when labels sit on ? until the artist blows up then they release it when the buzz is high tricking people into buying some fugazi patchwork album.
  • Peezy_Jenkins
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    i believe its some ? from when he was with suave house