Missy, Timbaland, and Magoo shouldve never picked up microphones

Knives Amilli
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So here in Louisville we got a new radio station called 101.5 which plays all old school hip hop. Not a bad station so far.

Anyway given the glut of hits that the Swing Mob camp put out, a good amount of the songs are from them.

And what the ? were we thinking....supporting these ? . Especially Missy. IN PARTICULAR MISSY.

Like "The Rain" by Missy? Yeah read the lyrics. ? reads like she wrote the song on a Peyote trip.

"Beep beep, who got the keys to the Jeep? V-r-rrrrrrrooooom!
(uh-huh) I'm drivin to the beach
Top down, loud sounds, see my peeps (uhh)
Give them pounds, now look who it be (who it be)
It be me me me and Timothy (me me!)
Look like it's bout to rain, what a shame (uh-huh)
I got the Armor-All to shine up the stain
Oh Missy, try to maintain

LIKE WTF IS THIS? And this ? was winning grammys? and selling numbers?

My reaction to this and their other songs is like Mannie Fresh's reaction to Birdman's gayness



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