50 Years Ago Today, We Lost Brother Malcolm

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50 years ago today, one of the most tragic things in the history of our people, happened when four perfidious, tommin' ass ? (probably at the behest of Elijah Muhammad,) cheered on by likes of men like Louis Farrakhan, (and with knowledge of the United States government, went to into the Audubon Ballroom on February 21, 1965 an assassinated Brother Malcolm in front of his wife and six daughters.

Out of respect for the Brother Malik I took some time out of my day and I went to (now named,) Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center to pay my respects and visit the museum. I should have figured that since it's the 50 anniversary of the death of Brother Malik, that there would be some kind of function going on and it is. However, I did take some pictures outside of the building. Since May 19 would mark Malcolm's 90's birthday, I'm sure the center would be having some sort of celebration in honor of the brother. When I think about it, I would rather go that event as opposed to something as solemn as this event would be.









That's the hospital that's across the street from the Audubon Ballroom. The tour guide who came out to address another group said despite the F.B.I. having Malcolm under surveillance and people in the hospital knowing what happened, nobody came across the street to see what happened.

Also interestingly enough, one of my old teachers from the school I got my A.A. from grew up in the Nation. According to her, one of the shooters took the wrap for another ? who came to his house right after Malcolm was shot and he told dude to hold the gun.

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Night of the Living Basehead

50 years later, R.I.P. Brother Shabazz.