50 Cent Praises Drake's New Album

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With Drake's latest album breaking Billboard chart records throughout last week, 50 Cent recently spoke with XXL and commended the release and hinted that the Toronto rapper is currently at the top of his game.

“His mixtape reflects that,” 50 told XXL. “But boy, that ? was on point, wasn’t he? He came through there with his ? sharp. It was tight.”

The G-Unit frontman added on, “Look, I don’t have favorite artists, I have favorite moments from artists. Like, ‘Ooh, you ain’t gonna beat him at that, not that, that’s what he do,’ you know what I’m saying? All of us have those moments, I think, but not everybody can appreciate it.”

The comments come just days after the latest sales report for Drake's If You're Reading This It's Too Late confirmed that the surprise album surpassed the Gold record milestone with 623,864 albums sold in less than two weeks.

Last year Drake brought out 50 Cent during the Connecticut stop of his collaborative tour with Lil Wayne.