Kanye West Left Fuming, After Haters Make 'loser.com' Redirect To Rapper's Wikipedia Page

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For all of his many (very vocal) critics, Kanye West certainly has a lot of fans — something that anyone hate-Googling the rapper can plainly see by looking at his Wikipedia page, where he’s listed as one of the best-selling artists in history.

West’s award-riddled Wikipedia page is getting significantly more attention than usual today, but the traffic spike has nothing (or perhaps just little) to do with the album title he just announced or the mad rush on his recently-dropped Yeezy Boost sneakers.

Ironically, tens of thousands of people are being driven to Wikipedia’s list of Kanye West achievements right now by a URL prank designed to mock him.

Type “loser.com” into your browser right now to see what we’re talking about (or just take our word for it that, as of Monday afternoon, the URL redirects to West’s Wikipedia page.)

The person or group behind the stunt has yet to be identified, but according to the Whois domain records database, loser.com was registered by the telecommunications company Tucows in Toronto.

Because the owner of the domain has opted to remain private, his or her name does not appear in the database.

A Twitter user named Amy Bustle Connelly (@AmyBustle) has been taking credit for the prank since about noon on Monday, first linking to a Complex article about loser.com and subsequently replying to Tweets mentioning the prank to claim she owns the domain.

While Bustle’s assertion that she’s owned the domain for 20 years checks out (Whois reveals that is was indeed registered in 1995,) she hasn’t supported any evidence to back her claims as of yet.

"I would imagine loser.com would make the top 10 sales if sold today, probably for around $500,000,” said a spokeperson for domain registrar Netristrat Ltd. to Metro when asked about this. “It might even make 7 figures if bought by a big brand.”