Me Against The World 20 Year Anniversary Thread

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Next week marks the 20 year anniversary of one of the greatest hiphop albums of alltime. Tupac was a well known rapper prior to this album, but it's really with the release of "Me Against the World" that he became a superstar. Tupac was locked up on the release of this album , but that didn't stop him from reaching #1 on the billboard pop/rnb/rap album charts. Which is ironic because his aim for the album was for it to be an introspective /non pop album, in which he planned on following it up with a "pop" album that ultimately became "All Eyez On Me". Many fans will say that Me Against the World is 2pac's magnum opus, and it's definitely a classic one but I think I would give the edge to Makaveli as my favorite. Me Against The World would go on to sell over 4 million copies and receive multiple grammy nominations and other awards.

Short Making of Me Against The World Video