Waka Flocka Cancels Show at University of Oklahoma After Seeing SAE Frats Racist Video

Busta Carmichael
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A video was posted on Twitter Sunday evening (March 8)—a day after President Obama’s speech at Selma, Ala. and same day as the 50th anniversary of “Blood Sunday”—of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity brothers of the University of Oklahoma singing a racist song about never letting black people pledge (see below).

Since the release, SAE has closed its chapter at the University of Oklahoma, suspending all its members and stating that the men featured in the video “may have their membership privileges revoked permanently.”


SMFH.. I know for a fact the whole school and SAE don't agree with those kids actions so know that I'm not madd at the whole #SAE just those disgusting kids!!!!!! #WFF We can't change history but we damn sure can create our own future #DeathToRacism