00/03 Hov vs 06/09 Weezy

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I'm a go with Jay z just for the lyrics and gems he dropped within those years. I think Wayne brought more excitement and joy to the game though, but jay gave us the layout . Wayne did more and gave us more, but quality over quantity. I think Jay restructured the sound of music within those years, but Wayne helped restructure the entire music industry within his years, but not necessarily for the better. Wayne definitely wins in the radio/chart department, but Jay wins in album sales and classic albums. Although Wayne dropped ATLEAST 3 classic "projects." Jay was a more skilled rapper, but Wayne was a more entertaining rapper. Many people who were heavily influenced by Wayne's style found success. Rappers who were influenced by Hov's style were just looked at as biters and didn't go far, besides Wayne. That's mainly because Wayne's style was easier to duplicate. I'm done weighing in, what yall think

00/03 Hov vs 06/09 Weezy 97 votes

Jay (00 to 03)
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Wayne (06 to 09)
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