Trinidad James Killing The N Word Discussion On CNN

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    mark made some great points "when we talking bout race and racism sometimes white people need to just listen"

    im ok with what trinidad said too even tho i know these fugazi militants who never contributed ? bout to ? him for saying he'd be ok with a white using it as a term of endearment. not that id necessarily feel the same

    i think cnn and dem underrate these rappers abilities to articulate themselves too.
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    I knew FOX had a hidden agenda behind Empire
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    I wanted to slap that white ? thru the screen
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    I'm still shocked that people are confusing ? that is said in many songs with ? a racial epithet for black people.
    Why are we talking about rappers causing a bunch of white kids to say ?
    CNN and other news outlets have kinda forced the topic away from the racists and onto black people yet again
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    5th Letter wrote: »
    No it's not okay for a white man to say ? /er in any context. When you have close family and friends it's certain things you can say to each other that an outsider couldn't get away with. The N word applies here with blacks. We can say it to each other. But nann one of you crackas better not say it around us. Crackas need to accept it and deal with it.

    As much as I would like to cosign you, ? is changing. White people use ? as much as we do among themselves. These nu blacks is green lighting whites calling them ? . I'm old school so I won't let a white person quote a rap lyric with the N word around me but that doesn't mean society isn't bending over for them like a ? agenda.
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    ? Trinidad James.

    Lost his deal so he want to be all Black Power and ? but his hit song had white people saying ? everywhere and he didn't give Damn.
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    Sick of all this racism ? in the news and perpetuated on news networks.
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    To say one race can't say a word is racist.

    In context, if a white guy says ? when he's quoting a rap song, that's not racist.

    If a white guy says,"? you,? ." That's racist.

    If a black guy says,"? you,you white ? ." That's racist.

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    Whites can keep deflecting and Blacks can continue dancing the jig. But these recent incidents of Whites using ? have been accompanied by threats of lynching and violence. We can keep playing stupid if we like. The real issue here is, White on Black violence carried out via systematic racism. Whether whites say ? or not we know what they think of us anyways. It's right here in plain sight.
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    Tricknology.It's ridiculous that they would connect what blacks say w/ this BS.I guess he's on there because that old lady wa singing his song in that video.

    LOL stop the N word.? please.

    This is the most promotion he had in years.

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    Tired of this ? man. Tired of this discussion coming up every time a white person gets caught being racist. They said ? and meant it in a bad way point blank period. Why we act like ? ain't been around since the 60s and 70s?
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    T James sound like a clown...Marc Lamont Hill talkin that ish tho
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    LLS damn don't know if yall caught it but when M. Hill told the white dude that "sometimes in conversations about race white people need to just listen" that lil smile and chuckle the white gave you could tell he was thinking and about to say "who in the ? do your ? ass think you talking to!!"