Chance The Rapper – Mr. Happy [Short Film]

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Almost everyone has found themselves depressed at a point or two. Maybe in the midst of the depression you thought about doing something drastic—something life-changing—something that might make you happy. That could be nice, but it's scary to actually take the leap and do it. Well, what if there was a service that took care of all the hard stuff for you?

That's the premise of director Colin Tilley's new short film, Mr. Happy. The film follows Victor, a depressed young man played by Chancelor Bennett—better known as Chance the Rapper—who is looking for a way out of everything. Victor wants to escape his menial job at the local Supply Guyz, escape the small talk with his drug-addled coworker, escape his ex who's getting ? in some rich guy's pool. Even though killing himself sounds like the best solution, Victor just can't bring himself to do it.

With no one to turn to, Victor heads to the internet, where he finds the answer to his problem in the peculiarly low-budget website, After a series of simple questions akin to Futurama's classic Suicide Booth, the ? date is confirmed for two days later: February 14, Valentine's Day. It would seem to be a hallmark ending for Victor, but a chance interaction at work the next day with a pretty artist starts to brighten his world and make him question that no-refunds, no-cancellation contract he just took out on himself.

Director Colin Tilley asks some serious questions in this short film, questions even he's not able to answer. Life, love, happiness, sadness, and death are all connected, and the question Mr. Happy asks is "Is it worth it?"