The Ill Community Sample Flip Thread Vol. 1: The Samples

Lou Cypher
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Welcome everyone, to the first Ill Community sample flip competition of the year. I am your host Lou Cypher. I have decided to make this thread to help show the talent of the producers/beatsmiths that we have here on this forum we all love.

In this thread I will explain the rules of the competition and post the records that are to be sampled.

The Rules:

3 Songs will be chosen by me. The beatmakers that are @'d to this thread must make a beat using a sample from at least ONE of the three songs provided. No other songs may be sampled besides the 3 chosen.

You do not need to sample all three songs. Bonus points for creativity if you can do that though. Please get as creative as you can with these.

This thread is made on 3/21/2015. All beats must be PM'd to me by 4/3/2015. I understand some of you have jobs, so this is to make sure everyone who wanted to participate can have a good amount of time to show their work.

When you are finished with you beat, PM it to me and let me know what song(s) you sampled and give me the time in the song that you sampled (example: if you sampled drums 32 seconds into the song).

Some samples will be chosen at random, some will be chosen because i want to make it a challenge, some will be chosen because I want to hear what you can do with that song in particular. Samples will come from every genre of music.

A thread will be made with a poll on 4/4/2015 for with all beats that were turned into me. The IC will then decide which beat they enjoyed the most.

I will provide the youtube link of the records, producers it is up to you to download the song. Its 2015, shouldnt be hard to do.

The Records:

Darondo - Didn't I

The Pixies - Hey

Joanna Newsom - Sprout And The Bean

Ill Community, these are your participants:

@Rue_Flexington @huey @Jao @BarryHalls @bdbdbd @AggyAF @Fosheezy @JonnyRoccIT @BenjaminE @Peezy_Jenkins @judahxulu @xxCivicxx @KneeGro_DuperMan @KINGEC @wAXed_poetic @(ob)scene @Lab Baby @The Month of August

Lets have a good time and good luck everybody! If you werent listed and would like to participate just check in here!