This N-gga Dame Going After Everybody

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This is Tom Nastoes he is the ceo of enk... This is the guy that got between me and Beenie and ruined state property as a Business...he basically went to my designers behind my back and had them design clothes that look like rock wear and show buyers behind my back then fu*ked up my pro keds brand the same exact way...Tom and his man Michelle ? have been ? our culture for years...who ever works for him ask him exactly what I'm talking about...another phony acting like a boss that doesnt put up his own money and fu*king wit good peoples brands that should be feeding their children....Tom I'm going to make you and your racist partner Michelle ? famous for playing wit my culture... To be continued #culturevulture time to get them all out of here


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    Keep it up Dame!
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    He spelled Beanie wrong tho. Heated Is mad.-Big L
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    Seems like endless amounts of white folks have done Dame ?
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    Dame mad at the world white folks behind the scene
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    U had to make it a thread tho couldnt add on to all the other ones damn chatty patty
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    Because i love the cukture w i give thiabto yall first 2 days ago---whoa, pause---
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    Lol they ruined Pro Keds tho
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    That SP clothing line was pretty dope imo.
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    tompetrez3 wrote: »
    IDGAF. Dame knew the type of "vultures" he was dealing with when he inked those deals just to turn back around and brag about it in our faces when he was on his ? . I remember when he signed that Pro Keds deal saying it was better than Lebron deal at Nike and that cakeaholic ? . Now he crying foul and want to out these crags. He may be bold brash and somewhat entertaining but he is very wreckless and a huge liability to his own success because of his big ass mouth. He always hollerin that Boss ? . I understand Bosses want it to be known that they running ? but for someone who call themself a boss he talks too ? much about his business dealings.

    Lol I forgot about Cakeaholic
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    If dame was such a good businessman how could he lose all this?

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    Dame is becoming hip hop's 'court jester'...

    He funny...but not to be taken seriously.