Waka Flocka Speaks On Giving 'Tony Yayo' His Own Song On His Mixtape

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Waka Flocka and G-Units DJ Whoo Kid have been going strong on their "Turn Up Godz Tour" promoting their new mixtape. In between concerts, Flocka spoke with us about why he gave Tony Yayo a solo track on his mixtape.
"I love the “Frosted Leaf” record [on my Turn Up Godz Tour mixtape]. I’m a G-Unit fan. No matter what, at the end of the day, it’s my project so it was my decision [to put Tony Yayo on the song].
I just did it to make people like, “What the f*ck? What’s going on?”
You always gotta get people at the end with what they’re about to get.
We just gotta grow. It’s bigger than clothing lines and drugs and foreign cars. You gotta put it together because the fans want to hear some different sh*t.
I still want to hear old school rappers come back and get it poppin’. I love that sh*t. I ain’t going to lie.
I just wish that when they do come back, they don’t come back with the old sound and I hope they adapt to the new sound and go into it.
That’s what I want to hear as a fan."