Book Of Yeezus: New Bible Book Replaces ? With Kanye

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The Book of Yeezus might seem like a controversial title of a new Kanye West album, but it’s not.

It’s actually the title of a newly reworked version of the Bible book of Genesis. What is the big difference between the traditional version of Genesis and The Book of Yeezus? Every mention of ? in this new version was replaced with Kanye West.

According to the cover of the controversial book, its tagline is “a Bible for the modern day.” This underlying theme of The Book of Yeezus is explained further on its official website with a simple question.

“If the Bible, the most singularly significant publication in the ancient canon of western tradition, were updated to reflect our modern society, what would it look like?”

The website description goes further by claiming that The Book of Yeezus is “a creative vision,” explaining its purpose as well as what is included within the foreword of the publication.

“The Book of Yeezus is a creative vision…that details the story of Genesis–for the new age. In its foreword, we explore our culture’s state of religiosity and its capacity for wonder. How does spirituality, an evolutionary reflex, manifest in a digitized world? Why does Kanye West take such outsized significance in the lives of many?”

Referring to The Book of Yeezus as both “an interventionist art” and a “coffee-table novelty,” the website description further claims that it will appeal to fans of Kanye West as well as anyone else that is “curious” about the cultural phenomenon that Kanye West started with “Yeezus.”

Kanye West has yet to comment specifically on The Book of Yeezus and whether or not he approves of the publication being released.

However, plenty of other people are talking about it for one reason or another on Twitter.

Kanye West may not have had anything to do with this particular book. However, the 37-year-old rapper has publicly discussed his connection to ? in the past. During a 2009 interview with VH1’s Storytellers, Kanye West made headlines by discussing that divine relationship.

“? chose me. He made a path for me. I am ? ’s vessel.”

Kanye West’s sixth studio album, Yeezus, was released in June 2013. One of the ten tracks listed on the critically-acclaimed, platinum-selling album was called “I Am A ? ” and even listed ? as a featured artist.

What do you think about The Book of Yeezus?

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