Tax Revolution

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What's good IC? As you know it's tax season again. Recently I've been thinkin about what that really means for us, the tax payers and how it will affect (help/hurt) us in society.

I will start off to say that ideally, I think taxes are necessary and when used properly are a good thing... Let me explain.

Ideally, taxes are allocated by the governing party to fund various initiatives to maintain and progress the environment, community, and society as a whole. Ideally.

Now knowing that we the people are maintaining the wellness of the community, the individual tax payer must have the right to decide where every cent of their taxed dollar will fund and support.

This will mean that each tax payer be fully informed of the various places their taxed dollar will be used.

This should be a more honest reflection of of the desires of the people and what they are willing to support.

Tax dollars and cents should only fund and support programs or initiatives that have been decided by the tax payer. It should be illegal for one's tax dollar to fund or support a program not decided by the tax payer.

Every tax payer should continue to pay a sales tax on taxable goods but the business can decide and create programs or initiatives the consumers taxed dollar will fund and support.

Ideally, during each tax period or paycheck the tax payer will decide from a list of programs or initiatives (most likely from a website updated hourly) as many programs as they want to fund and support.

Out of the tax payer's taxable income, the tax payer will decide what percentage they want to fund and support into each program they choose.

Tax payers can add or subtract any program of their choice, at any time. Tax payers can also change the amount of percentage allocated to each of their chosen programs, at any time.

Would this idea be good, bad, better or worse for society as a whole?

Is it better to have others decide where your money goes or you?
But at the end of the day, ALL descendants of African slaves and the remnant of Native American Indians should be tax free.