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Talk about the most scumbag ? you've done to someone and the most scumbag ? done to you.

When I was 17 I offered a classy female (btfu) a gram of reggie to top me off. we went to a park and she slobbered my snake and caught my unborns in her throat. I ain't even zip up. I just dipped to my whip and peeled off. I seen her like a hour later and told her my fault, I'll give her 2gs if she tickled her tonsels with my man parts again. After she swallowed more of my young boys I threw her purse out the window so she had to get it and bounced again. Scuuuummmbag!!

I had a white, classy lady (btfu) show up at my job screaming she was 5 months pregnant with my seed. 3.5 months later her ? burped out a mixed baby. Scuuuummmbag!


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    I've done,too much scumbag ? in my glory days
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    blatalian wrote: »
    Stew wrote: »
    LOL Imma let yall take over this thread but this happened over the week


    That broad talk like she's from Charleston!! That's how those geechi chick's talk...

    ?'t...LYING!! Lol!!

    I swear when I read it, that's the 1st thing that came into mind.

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    Off&On wrote: »
    I think there's like 4 or 5 other people from charleston that post here. 1 of em, I'm pretty sure know me

    I'm not from Charleston but I come there pretty regularly now... actually in tha' Met (now) but I come up there to shop and get good seafood...
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    First three post are white people.... interesting :-?

    Scuuummbag comment.
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