The Halloween Costume thread

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Guys - don't get caught slippin' - Halloween is upon us and it being on a Saturday this year means there's no excuse to no try to win your little local costume contest.

I'm on some ? that nobody is ready for but I'm willing to throw out some of my rejected ideas for anybody that's struggling with their imagination.

Luke Cage - Hero For Hire
this one is easy and cheap...

? yellow shirt, ? jeggings, chain, afro, ? yellow legwarmers, golden tiara (all tarias are ? ... no need to specify)


put all that ? ? together and somehow you can be the toughest ? in comic books. too bad nobody will know who you are and they'll just think your lamar from revenge of the nerds.

Carboard box robot
Another cheap and easy one. Plus it's a classic.

Some boxes, some aluminum foil, some HVAC tubing (for the arms and legs), Duct tape

This one is a timeless retro classic but be sure to wear depends since the bathroom is out of the question unless you make a porthole like the enterprising gentlemen in the photo below. Also be on the lookout for @DWO since he might kick the ? out off you just of instinct.


This one is controversial and I don't recommend it.

Black grease paint. Black clothes. Lack of basic grammar skills.

White people: please don't even attempt to execute this costume unless you have at least one black friend. Even then it's risky but @eyerone might vouch for you if you cook him some fried chicken.


more to come. feel free to add your own ideas.