Reason Interview: Blackgod813

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5th Letter- Where are you from

Blackgod813- Florida .central fla. Africa really

5th Letter-What's it like in central Florida?

Blackgod813- Lot of youth on drugs women prostitutes its hot lot black on black crime a ? slutty place erbody getting locked up ...but for me what s fire to Satan...

5th Letter-In what way did seeing all that influence your upbringing?

Blackgod813- Judgmental but i fell into traps as well because I'm around garbadge

5th Letter- If you don't mind answering what do you do for a living?

Blackgod813- I'm finesser a petty hustler I'm a classically trained actor tho...

5th Letter- Expound on your classical training?

Blackgod813- Since I was young I acted was trained method acting uda .stanvolky been in commercial was doin music but i can't focus to do anything my mind now yeah got a focus

5th Letter- What types of commercials? Were you singing/rapping?

Blackgod813- Hospital commercials..a lot of plays...I did guttaa word..

5th Letter- What made you stop doing acting? What's "guttaa word"?

Blackgod813- My mom past lack of motivation alcohol abuse no support system style of rap

5th Letter- How were you able to overcome those things? You have any songs you want to share?

Blackgod813- Well I prayed to die to ? day an night I was mutilating my body ...i didn't get over anything I just try not to think about things I'm crying as I type.this.....No I would not like to share a song just a summer nights watching roaches fight reading the bible hoping ? take my life.... remove me from the book of life like jobe an forgive me for the seed I've sewn..

5th Letter-Keep your head up bro. What do you do to take your mind off things?

Blackgod813- I ? A lot an the net

5th Letter-How did you get into hip hop?

Blackgod813- Hip-hop??? I'm black so its always been there the rap aspect of it anyway...but sway got me into hip-hop back in the day lyricist lounge ?

5th Letter- What were your earliest memories of hip hop?

Blackgod813- Um...singing a mc hammer at six everybody was blowed I don't remember speaking before then

5th Letter-Who are some of your favorite and least favorite rappers?

Blackgod813- Hmm..ok :'( ....back then pac icee cube nas...dead prez...trick dady thought.styles.nelly.. boy no....joe buddens...Joey bad ass the cool kids...

5th Letter-What are your favorite albums?

Blackgod813- Nelly first one...blood in my eye ja rule....pac matw...dead prez lets get free...kanye west college drop out

5th Letter- What is your favorite time period of hip hop?

Blackgod813- Late 90s a lot of war an freestyling

5th Letter- What are your thoughts on today's hip hop?

Blackgod813- Trash ...but Gucci they zaddy so I love it...not a enough killing sad dark beats...


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    @blackgod813 is the fight still on tomorrow
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    "that race traitor khaleis I wana suck that hoe foot.oooo"

    Lmaooo wtf, @Khaleesi what you do to this ? ?

    @MrCrookedLetter that kid been obsessed with me since my DNA thread.
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    5th Letter wrote: »
    5th Letter- How long have you been on the IC?

    Blackgod813- Since it started as a lurker

    5th Letter- So 1998?

    Blackgod813- I was a little boy

    5th Letter- What were your early memories of the IC?

    Blackgod813- Advanced ? seemed dangerous an I was scared shy like do these people know each other

    5th Letter-Expound on that

    Blackgod813- Bullying harassment I wasn t in fear

    5th Letter-Did those things happen to you on here or are you saying you witnessed it on here?

    Blackgod813- I saw it feared it stayed up at night wat happen to the pro black girl who really wasn t pro black

    5th Letter- What are some things you'd change about the IC?

    Blackgod813- More safe more black unity

    5th Letter-What do you mean more safe?

    Blackgod813- Like there isnt. Fear that you will be attacked on the board that people will find out where u live

    5th Letter- You usually speak in a cryptic way where does that come from?

    Blackgod813- It's not on purpose it how i express the prophecie

    5th Letter- You feel it's better expressed this way?

    Blackgod813- Yes its a cloudy site but how I speak is simple

    5th Letter-What were your early memories of the IC?

    Blackgod813- Hate horror an identity theft

    5th Letter- What do you mean?

    Blackgod813- These ? crook runing ya info an the rest police

    5th Letter-What are some of the craziest things you've seen since you've been on the IC?

    Blackgod813- Hmmm glasses Malone becoming famous

    5th Letter-Why is that the craziest thing you've seen?

    Blackgod813- Kus dreams can happen an the world saw it

    5th Letter- Who are some of your favorite and least favorite posters?

    Blackgod813- Gang gang....the natural ? gee...turfaholic...supergangsta will munny all my fans...that race traitor khaleis I wana suck that hoe foot.oooo chilldill the niga who make food threads sneak diss..? lou..least...ill only give one line ? you ? ...I use to think kia was doll not even real ...

    i know i stay trollin on here but im inspiring this ? 's posting style??????