Trump Supporters Plan on Shooting Protesters at Next Rally

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Safety concerns have risen from a threatening post that's been making its rounds (BIGLY) on social media. The post originated from a Conservative Trump supporter planning to attend his next rally in Huntington, West Virginia.
"Calling all armed conservatives, if we go then we go armed. Not for the rally but for the protesters. Let's give the protesters what they want." It goes on to say "We start with anyone blocking the streets then we clear the protesters once and for all, by any means necessary."

The Facebook account belonging to the poster has since been taken down.

"I don't really understand that, because whether you agree or disagree with a political figure, whether you like them or don't like them, I just think it's a little unnecessary to threaten with violence," Jori Williams tells WSAZ. "I just don't see the point of it. It doesn't accomplish anything."

Huntington Police will not confirm or deny whether they are aware of the post or of any other threats surrounding the presidential visit. Police Chief Joe Cicarelli released this statement to WSAZ: "We are working closely with the United States Secret Service and a host of law enforcement and public safety agencies to ensure the safety of everyone during President Trump's visit. It would be inappropriate to discuss the details of investigative or security matters related to the visit."

WSAZ will have team coverage of President Trump's visit to Huntington on Thursday.