Pastor under fire for saying he wanted to eat Nicki Minaj’s ? on Instagram

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Nicki Minaj has done it again and set the internet on fire with another sexy shot of her ? . This time she got a pastor so heated that he posted on Instagram that he wants to eat her ? like groceries.

Complex reports that William Henry Dewberry III, who is listed on Facebook as an elder at the Church Of ? In Christ in Memphis, Tennessee appears to be the man behind the hungry comments.

He has denied that he posted any such thing. According to Dewberry someone is impersonating him online and he has asked that people report the account.

“Saints, I need your help,” reads his plea on Facebook. “Somebody created a fake Instagram page under my name. I don’t know who did this. But, this needs to come down ASAP! May somebody report this IMMEDIATELY! I did not create this. I already have an Instagram page, and this one ain’t me!!!!”

If this account does not belong to the pastor the person in control of it has serious dedication. That account has been posting photos of Dewberry and his loved ones regularly since January 2016.