SATURDAY classic vs classic......who is this weekends champ? Week 26...* TheGOAT Addition *

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Welcome y'all to the best battle every Saturday morning with two songs. Premise of the post of Course....if you heard both songs coming on the radio at the same time which station would you keep it on?

Going for five weeks is Jigga with "Can I Live?" A win today will mark the halfway point and Jay would have to win five more times to do what Triumph, shook ones, G thang, Troy, It was a good day, and Straight up Menace couldn't do and that's retire into the sunset all time statues cemented in history. But Jay may not even make it past today tho so let's get down to business. Oh ...before I continue just a reminder. This is @TheGoat addition meaning I've turn the keys over to him this weekend. He hand pick the challenger and he will be in charge of upping the post for votes until I declare the match done. If any of you fellas want to submit a challenger hit my inbox and we will get you ur own week. This is interactive and for the culture y'all so this is kinda all of our ? . I'll try to use your suggestions down the road when I need a break. But anyway....on to business:

In this corner we have Mr. 22 Twos himself, give a big Mic Check for Jay Z the champ with "Can I Live?"!!!

And in this corner we have the Challenger from the Rebel State with his own 22's.....Give a big Mic Check for this weekend's challenger David Banner with Cadillac on 22's!!!

Now since that number is an unofficial theme this week (damn shoulda been the match on week 22 but ? it) I want atleast 22 voters to participate!

Vote or ? die !!!!!

SATURDAY classic vs classic......who is this weekends champ? Week 26...* TheGOAT Addition * 78 votes

Can I Live
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Caddy on double deuces
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