Who has the better discography MF Doom or Ghostface Killah.

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Including all joint and group projects where they rap on.

Solo albums[edit]
1999: Operation: Doomsday
2003: Take Me to Your Leader (as King Geedorah)
2003: Vaudeville Villain (as Viktor Vaughn)
2004: Venomous Villain (as Viktor Vaughn)
2004: Mm.. Food
2009: Born Like This (as DOOM)
Live albums[edit]
2005: Live from Planet X
2010: Expektoration
Compilation albums[edit]
2004: Special Blends 1+2
2006: Special Herbs: The Box Set Vol. 0-9
2009: Unexpected Guests
2017: The Missing Notebook Rhymes
Collaboration albums[edit]
1991: Mr. Hood (as Zev Love X with KMD)
1993: Black ? (as Zev Love X with KMD)
2003: Escape from Monsta Island! (as King Geedorah with Monsta Island Czars)
2004: Special Herbs and Spices Volume 1 (with MF Grimm)
2004: Madvillainy (with Madlib as Madvillain)
2005: The Mouse and the Mask (with Danger Mouse as Danger Doom)
2008: Madvillainy 2: The Madlib Remix (with Madlib as Madvillain)
2012: Key to the Kuffs (with Jneiro Jarel as JJ Doom)
2014: NehruvianDoom (with Bishop Nehru as NehruvianDOOM)
2017: WestsideDOOM (with Westside Gunn as WESTSIDEDOOM)
2000: MF EP (with MF Grimm)
2006: Occult Hymn (with Danger Mouse as Danger Doom)
2008: MF Doom & Trunks Presents Unicron (with Trunks)
2014: Bookhead EP (with Jneiro Jarel as JJ Doom)

Ghostface Killah:

Studio albums
Ironman (1996)
Supreme Clientele (2000)
Bulletproof Wallets (2001)
The Pretty Toney Album (2004)
Fishscale (2006)
More Fish (2006)
The Big Doe Rehab (2007)
Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City (2009)
Apollo Kids (2010)
Twelve Reasons to Die (2013)
36 Seasons (2014)
Twelve Reasons to Die II (2015)
Collaboration albums
Reakwon Cuban Linx 1995
Put it on the Line (with Trife Diesel) (2005)
Wu-Massacre (with Method Man and Raekwon) (2010)
Wu Block (with Sheek Louch) (2012)
Sour Soul (with BADBADNOTGOOD) (2015)

Which on has the best body of work? You decide.

Who has the better discography MF Doom or Ghostface Killah. 47 votes

MF Doom
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Ghostface killah
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