The official feel good news story thread.

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every day we have news about fukk ? . ? killed this person, ? shot up this school, ? shooting up concerts and trump woke up.

i think we need a counter balance. Lets use this thread for feel good stories around the world.

Try to smile today. try to make someone smile.


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    Shopper shares Walmart cashier's act of kindness with nervous man

    A Walmart cashier is being praised for her act of kindness in helping a nervous shopper who was having trouble counting change.

    The exchange was caught by another shopper, Spring Herbison Bowlin, who then shared the cashier's graciousness on Facebook.

    Bowlin wrote on her Facebook page that she witnessed the moment during her lunch break at the Clarksdale, Miss. Walmart last Thursday.

    The man in front of Bowlin was paying for his items when he kept apologizing for the difficulty in counting out the change he stored in his pockets.

    "He miscounts and starts to get flustered," Bowlin wrote on the post.

    "His hands and voice are shaking," she added. "This beautiful cashier takes his hands and dumps all the change on the counter and says, 'This is not a problem, honey. We will do this together.'"

    Bowlin said the man continued to apologize to both her and the cashier until he was able to finish the transaction.

    When it was all done, Bowlin thanked the cashier for being so patient with the man.

    "You shouldn't have to thank me, baby" Bowlin said the cashier replied. "What's wrong with our world is we've forgotten how to love one another."

    Bowlin ended her post by simply saying, "I want to be more like her."
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    Hey now this is all right
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    I know, right?

    Way too much negativity. It's like after a while you start to wonder if you just wasting time and energy by even giving so much attention to it.
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    A Christian church in Windsor, ON decided they wanted to bless someone so they called for a pizza and when the man arrived they gave him a $1,600 tip.

    When a church congregation of 250 orders a single medium pizza, you might think you’re dealing with a stingy crowd.

    But a pizza delivery man in Windsor, Ont. discovered the opposite when he received the tip of a lifetime this week.

    Congregants at The Celebration of Praise International church decided recently to perform a random act of kindness for a delivery person. Inspired by other similar acts, they spent three weeks raising money to give one person a generous tip.

    “Our goal was $1,000,” Pastor Mel Freeman told Global News. “I kept saying it would be wonderful if we could give him a $1,000 tip. It would really be a blessing so if we could do our best to get to that, it would be above and beyond.”

    The church took the names of every pizzeria in town, including major chains like Pizza Hut, and put them all in a bowl. One churchgoer pulled out a single name: Bob O’s.

    “Everyone said ‘Who is Bob O?’” Freeman laughed.

    Turns out it’s a small restaurant owned and operated by Bob Ristokvski, who made and delivered the pizza.

    Bob arrived to a cheering crowd and an unprecedented tip: $1, 697.

    The overwhelmed delivery man was speechless, holding back tears while embracing Freeman and his wife.

    “That moment right there spoke volumes to us,” Freeman said. “It let us know that that’s what we should be doing, not just at Christmas, but continually throughout the year.”
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    Stranger Enjoys Free Trip to Spain—Because of His Name

    When a complete stranger messaged Joe McGrath on Facebook last week about a free trip to Spain, the 21-year-old in Manchester, England, thought it sounded like a hoax. But he says the invitation kept replaying in his head, and soon he found himself on the phone with a man who sounded quite genuine. A group had planned a surprise trip to Majorca for a friend's 30th birthday, but their friend Joe McGrath wasn't able to go, and they didn't want the plane ticket or hotel room in his name to go to waste. "They messaged 15 other Joe McGraths on Facebook and only one was stupid enough to reply, and that was me," he tells the BBC.

    But "fake" Joe, as the birthday group reportedly took to calling him, talked it over with his girlfriend and boss, and decided to take the leap and enjoy the three-day trip, reports the Manchester Evening News. He posted to Twitter a now widely-shared photo of himself with the group of strangers living it up on the island with the note, "So this happened." Now that he's back, he says the 10 friends from Bristol, a city about three hours south of him, were an "absolutely lovely group of people," and that he's planning to invite them to Manchester for a thank-you night out. He even thinks he'll meet the "real" Joe McGrath sooner or later, "and it will be a magical moment." (Does this story sound familiar?)
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    Police officer pays for hotel and food for homeless woman and baby who escaped alleged abusive home

    Good deeds sometimes go unnoticed but when a Maryland police officer used his own money to keep a homeless mother and baby off the street – people certainly took note.

    An unidentified woman, with her one-year-old daughter in tow, arrived at a Hyattsville police station Wednesday asking for help. She explained that she had recently escaped an abusive home. She was homeless and staying in a shelter and felt she had run out of options.

    Corporal Che Atkinson claims to have spent the morning contacting a social worker for assistance and even reached out to a distant relative. But when he arrived for his shift the next day, there was the woman again, sitting in the same spot he’d left her.

    “I was like did she come back this morning?” he explained to WUSA9. “And the other officer says ‘no I think she’s been here all night.’”

    That’s when Atkinson learned the woman and child hadn’t eaten in days and chose to go above and beyond the call of duty at his personal expense.

    “I told her this is what I’m going to find. I’m going to find you a place…I’m going to put you up for the night.

    He even tracked down a car seat to fit inside his police cruiser.

    “I had the extra money. What would it hurt just to put them up for a night to make sure they’re safe?”

    A colleague at the Prince George’s County Police Dept. snapped a few photos when Atkinson wasn’t looking and helped post those to the department’s Facebook page where they quickly went viral.

    But the officer refuses to take any credit. He says other officers do it and it’s ‘not a big deal.’

    The post has been liked by over 18,000 Facebook users and shared by more than 3,700 at this writing.

    “This is a … a helpless child, so it’s our duty to help those in need,” he added.
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    this is something i did for my elderly neighbor before he passed.

    Couple shovels out cars in random act of kindness

    Some people may consider snow one of the annoying parts of winter.

    But Mark Przybylowski and Paula Malolepszy don’t mind it at all.

    Since Montreal got it’s first dose of winter on Tuesday, the couple have been touring the west end of Montreal, helping people shovel their cars out of piles of snow.

    And for those like Nhu Le, the extra hands are very much appreciated.

    “I have been trying since yesterday to get out,” she said. “I’m so happy you came, thank you very much.”

    Przbylowski told Global News, he knows what it feels like to be snowed in.

    Years ago, he was helped out by a total stranger and that’s when he decided to pay it forward.

    “A job that would have taken me an hour or an hour and a half, was done for me in five seconds of kindness,” he said. “That kind of kindness, I’ve never forgotten it.”

    The couple goes door to door and hunts for people who need their help.

    After they finish one, they jump in their car and look for the next.

    When the pair found Jordan Lee, he had just started to shovel out his father’s car.

    He couldn’t believe people were walking around his neighbourhood offering to help shovel snow.

    “It’s just so nice,” said Lee. “I don’t know if I could do that – just going out, helping random people, sweating, taking their spare time to help strangers. That’s just very generous of them.”

    The couple said they hope their random acts of kindness will inspire others to do the same.

    “If every person in Montreal, helps one person shovel out this winter, it’s gonna help people on days when they feel overwhelmed, or tired or just sick of a long winter,” said Przbylowski. “So hopefully it will be payed forward and we can create a sort of shoveling revolution.”



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    what i found crazy about this is......our society is so fukked up...that when you do something for someone they are thinking you are up to something.
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    what i found crazy about this is......our society is so fukked up...that when you do something for someone they are thinking you are up to something.

    This is quite true. People have been conditioned by society's ills to always expect the worst. Cynicism is at an all time high.
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    My granny invites a homeless person or family over for thanksgiving. She didn't do it the last couple years cuz she didn't cook and it wasn't at her house but she'll be back at it this year.