Does Plat Still Matter?

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Lil Baby's album just went double platinum. You hardly hear numbers like that these days, fr. Goin plat used to be like the highest honor. Nowadays tho, NBA Youngboy making so much cash off Youtube dude don't even have to put out a real album no more. Drake's Scorpion album just hit a billion streams. Billion...with a B.

Does goin plat still this age of streams?


  • jigsawthetruth
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    It matters to some. I promise we won't see another Jay-Z album until he can bake platinum in it. I just don't think Platinum is platinum any more. Its never going to be the same as a million PHYSICAL copies at $15 a pop.

  • Stew
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    The streaming game changed everything. It's hard to explain but I guess you'd have to figure out the similarities between #s of streams between selling a million albums.

  • Lou Cypher
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    I suppose its still a big deal, but its definitely lost some of its appeal. Its definitely impressive if its done without the backing of a major label, but still.

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    Man, streaming got the game in a pretzel tryna figure out a new measure of success. It used to be clearly defined (gold, plat, diamond), now so many changes so fast have the industry trying to figure out a new metric.

    I REALLY want to see what this means for movie theaters vs. direct streaming... the box office used to be the measuring stick for blockbusters. Now, other than superhero franchises, people would rather stream.

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    Did unsk get his new selenium?