Big L Appreciation Thread

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Man, it's a damn shame Big L didn't get the chance to receive more recognition and mainstream success because Big L fathered a lot of cats' styles. Everyone from Eminem to Cassidy to Jay-Z to Lloyd Banks etc. Everyone that came out after Big L all got a bit of his style mixed into their own. Big L owned that whole super lyrical punch-line metaphoric style of rhyming. He was that super lyrical witty cat that could say some unpredictable or unbelievable stuff. Whenever I listen to a lot of the cats I've already mentioned I hear a lot of Big L in their rhymes. Big L was so clever with his wordplay and he also had his own sense of style with his persona and voice. He was witty, astonishing and unpredictable. To put it plain and simple, Big L was his own man and an originator.